Speed – or high-velocity movement – is the foundation of success in any sport. Whether you’re ‘naturally fast’ or not, we teach you to be faster.

Agility – rapid-fire braking, acceleration and direction changes – is just as important as all-out speed. Agility training allows you to apply your new-found speed to perform sport specific-skills quickly and with dexterity.

Through tailored tips and drills, you’ll develop great basketball drills and explosive speed and agility. You’ll learn to condition your mind and basketball decision making as well as your fast-twitch muscle fibres and muscle memory for maximum speed and acceleration.

Our Basketball Skills Development Program also includes strength and power training, essential factors in improving your speed and your vertical.

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“The training I received with DR22 was incomparable to any other training I have done. Over a period of three months, I was running faster, jumping higher and performing better than I ever have.”

 (21), McGill University, Montreal

“First-class athletic training! Really improved my explosiveness and agility on the court.”

Adrien Redman, (19), John Abbott / Sun Youth, Montreal