What makes us different

DR22, we focus on the whole individual. Our team of coaches and sports psychologists help you optimize your potential both in sports and life. High-Point programs tackle what it takes to be a:

  • Successful athlete
  • Strong student
  • Great leader

Focus on education

We believe that every client attending school must be a student first, then an athlete. Our student-athletes are encouraged to pursue high academic goals. That’s why we integrate educational requirements into our programs and routinely conduct educational workshops, including guest lectures and homework sessions.

Power of mentoring

DR22’s founder is a proud father, a successful collegiate student-athlete, a professional player and a thriving entrepreneur. Denburk Reid developed these diverse skills under the watchful eye of engaged mentors.

Today Denburk is a passionate advocate of the power of mentoring.

His team skilfully guides you through the pressures and rigours of training, competing, studying and staying on a positive path.

“The training that I received with Denburk helped me in a variety of ways. It helped strengthen my fundamental basketball skills such as shooting, dribbling and passing so that in games I was more comfortable and more confident in myself. It helped me perform to my fullest come game time and helped me be very well prepared for game situations.”

“My dynamics and agility on the court have improved through working hard during DR22 sessions. A positive change in my game is visible.”