Growing up, I was lucky enough to have met several amazing coach-mentors – notably– coaches who took me under their wings. They didn’t just teach me how to play basketball – they taught me how to live a meaningful life. They guided me and kept me focused and out of trouble. Travelling to tournaments expanded my world and my vision of what was possible in life. I became hooked… on basketball, on learning, on being the best I could be, on the incredible power of mentoring and on giving back to the community.”

Denburk Reid

Creating a passion for positive choices

Community outreach is a key part of who we are at DR22. Our outreach programs help student-athletes achieve success in school, sports and life. We leverage their passion to mentor, train and inspire them to make positive choices. We introduce them to coaches, players, teachers and administrators. We broaden their world view and excite them about continuing their education.

Benefits of community outreach for student-athletes

  • Inspire participants to stay in school and pursue their education
  • Empower participants and build their self-esteem by developing their skills and ability to achieve goals on and off the playing field
  • Expand their vision and understanding of the possibilities available to them
  • Fuel their dreams and equip them with the skills to achieve them
  • Teach and encourage them to adopt successful work ethics
  • Strengthen their capacity to work together effectively in teams
  • Instil a sense of responsibility and accountability to themselves and others
  • Equip them with time management skills as they learn to juggle academics, athletics and their social life
  • Create a community that supports them and celebrates their successes


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