The DR22 team includes accomplished basketball players. Basketball athletes are fast, agile and lean, with excellent endurance and recovery capabilities. We focus on strength and power training to pump up your speed, endurance and jumping abilities. You’ll perfect the basics –dribbling, passing and shooting – in game-type situations, make smart decisions under pressure, master the art of playing offense and defence, and more.

“I was extremely pleased with the results I got training with DR22. With their ground up approach, not only did I get a solid grasp of the fundamentals, but also detailed coaching on how to apply them to game situations.”

(24), McGill University


“I trained with Burky Reid for four months at least twice a week. During that time, we worked on my agility, speed, ball handling, defence, post moves, shooting and my confidence level. He taught me to be a more aggressive and assertive player. There is no doubt that because of the training I received, the level of my game improved and my confidence greatly improved. My coaches definitely noticed the overall improvement in my game.”

High school clinics

Several times a year, we will run fitness and basketball clinics at various community centres and schools in and around Montreal. Our performance coaches also talk to athletes and students about what it takes to become a true leader and champion.